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    Default Grand Theft Auto Music Issues

    Driving through the streets of Liberty City listening to the Beat 102.7. The song Dirty New Yorker by Prodigy comes on. Sweet song... Makes me want to get out of the car and beat some one up with Nico. Anyways... I know there is supposed to be a way you can buy the song through GTA IV, Zits i believe its called, but I can't figure it out. Anyone know how to buy via GTA, or should I just purchase Dirty New Yorker on

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    Well, ZiTs number is 948-555-0100, and to get the name of the song you are listening to you call them and they message you the name of the song and the artist, but after that i don't know what to do to get the song. Have a look on the GTA Forums, someone will know there.

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    It will send the song info to Rockstar Social Club and then link to it on amazon, no idea if it actually works though.
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    Thanks for the tips. I'll give it a try


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