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    Default Audi V Iron Man

    Just to show how well Audi cars are designed and engineered, I thought this video might do it.
    It shows that in the new blockbuster film 'Iron Man', the stunt-men, stunt directors, engineers and the rest of the team working on the film could not (using all their skills, tricks and technology):

    1. Get a Q7 to spin it's wheels (braking and accelerating)

    2. Get an R8 to flip over

    3. Tear an R8 apart

    Let the director and crew do the talking:

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    That is awesome! Nice find! Good watch!

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    Lol, that was brilliant!

  4. t.
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    Ha thats quality. Decent watch. Audi, quality cars. Hooray for Eurosnobs!

    Quote Originally Posted by DreadMetis »
    Then I woke up in France...

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    that is why only the best people drive audi's

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    That movie is sponserd by audi right? I mean, it only had Audis in the movie... and a S7 and a Cobra but still

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    Amazing engineering by Audi. The R8 wouldn't budge.

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    *quivers at the sight of wrecked R8's*

    still, kudos to Audi!

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    I remember the creators of Casino Royale complaining they couldn't get the DBS to flip, they ended up putting an air cannon in the place of the passenger seat after numerous other attempts

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    Some people think that car manufactures e.g Audi, draw a car on a whiteboard, build it, add an interior and engine and a computer and then your done. But this shows the work that they put into their cars and the engineering that goes into the small things


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