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    Default GTR for Xbox 360

    F.A.O. Mods; Please Move to General Racing Games/Xbox 360. I didn't realise this was General Gaming/Xbox 360

    I've just been checking the SimBin website, as I was intrigued by their new engine, called 'Lizard' and after reading up, I checked 'titles' and under 'in development' was G.T.R. - F.I.A. GT Racing Game (Xbox 360)

    At first I thought it was the ill-fated Xbox 360 version of GTR 2, however, in the description it says

    GTR for the XBOX 360 features two full FIA GT Championships and challenges casual racers to become world-class drivers. *GTR on X-Box 360 is powered by Lizard*, the new game core engine from SimBin.
    Release date and details are to be announced later.
    (Asterisks added by myself)

    Noting that the title has been in development using lizard, this means it is more recent than Race '07, and is definitely not the scrapped original.

    There is no mention of a PS version, making this a possible 360 exclusive, if so, then its a big one!

    On the page for the Lizard Engine itself it says:

    SimBin works continuously with the development of Lizard focusing mainly on X-Box 360 and PC but will be adapting it to other consoles such as the PlayStation3.
    There is also a Screenshot of 'Race' using the engine

    Looks like it will be amazing!
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    That image is ancient mate, it was released before Race 07 iirc and GTR on Xbox 360 has been postponed quite indefinitely for now, if Simbin want a good decent console to put their GTR series then throw it on the PS3 what with the wheel support and proper Force Feedback also.

    I'd love to see it on the 360, but with the crappy MS wheel GTR just won't feel right.
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