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    Default F1 to be on the 360

    Codemasters have come to an agreement with the F1 administration and are allowed to develop and publish a game for the 2009 season and they have already started production.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mellors »
    and publish a game for the 20009 season
    Its a pity None of us will be around to play it Nugget?, Or do typos not count.

    Im not sure what to do here, F1 was the only game i play on my PS3, So getting it on the 360 would make the PS3 more of a waste of money that it already is!

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    Another PS game going on another platform. Never really played the F1 series. I had F1 '97 on the PS1 and enjoyed that but never really played the rest.

    Good news for the xbox

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    About time ,

    You guys don't know how desperate I have been for an F1 game lol !!!
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    Yay, finally, another reason NOT to buy a PS3..


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    Thats good, won't buy it but good for people who want to.
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    Multi platform. About time. Stupid that a huge sporting franchise limited its games to one console.

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    Yes finally!

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    Wow.. I've been waiting for an F1 game to make it to the box for a looong time.. That article is a good read.. an F1 game based on the EGO Engine sounds like it's gonna be an awesome game.. my fingers are crossed..


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