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    Default Well, first post here... Regretfully, I have issues

    But I've looked around the forums a bit. Anyway, I'm having some major problems, i.e. I can't connect.
    I was using a P4 3.4 previously, and couldn't connect no matter what I did. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling TDU about a million times, patching made no differences. I've since gotten a new Core 2 Duo, but have had no such luck connecting. I keep getting the whole "Cannot contact server, check network" etc.
    I've forwarded all of the ports required, none of them, I've put myself in the DMZ, I've tried making new nicknames (which associate with my gamespy id via the game, so obviously it is contacting the server), tried making new gamespy id's... I've tried everything, nothing works, at all. Offline profiles work fine.

    Any help, please?

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    mmhmm any info on your internet connection?

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    Previously I was using cable, at 2-3 mbps, and now I'm using ADSL at about the same.


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