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    Default A useful glitch...

    right, as we all know, cars can now me 'killed' without blowing up, often this means careering into a wall and having the engine die, when you pull the trigger all you get is the sound of starter motor, and niko saying 'come on, start!' or something like that...

    well, there is a glitch about, if you dial 911 whilst holding the trigger, the car will burst into life

    just thought i would share that...
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    wow it works, and it also seems to make your car fire proof so you can keep smashing it up.
    Another insightful post by Baldy!!

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    may have to give this a go, will sure be better than double english with a teacher i kinda had a go at

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    Thats just strange, I don't like useing this kinda thing, takes the fun out of it in my opioion.
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