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    Talking Speedometer glitch

    Ive found this glitch...

    This glitch will "turn off" your speedometer

    First find a place where it can auto-reset your car
    (ocean,sea,shoreline recommended)
    Second drive to the place and right before it resets itself push the start button
    Third you know that sound when you exit the start screen should hear it
    Thats it i guess.
    this will not "turn it off" forever,to turn it back on you just press start and that's it.
    Ive only done this on hardcore mode so I'm not sure if you do it regularly
    Note:This might take a whilepress start one t so be patient
    I recommenced that you press start when you are flying into the water and then the one right b4 you hit the water
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    I've noticed this a lot with the RUF's but if that's the way to actually do it then hats off !
    I'm a bit mental.

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    I did this a lot, lol, it bugged me to no end so I had to always reset it.

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