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    Default Dumb Cop Thread

    Let's make a thread with videos of TDU cops being useless.

    If the video above doesn't show click here to view it.

  2. viper plus vette is offline Rusted Banger
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    lol yeah there pertty stupid. i rammed three of them in my koinsegge ccx and drove off the road and hid near a tree. they never found me. lol

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    I know they won't chase you off-road but I didn't know they couldn't arrest you there either. That does look like fun though!

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    Bai cop C yas.
    911 GT2 Respect Required.

  5. KoenigseggBG is offline Made in 1994
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    Aren`t these the dumbest cops I`ve ever seen. The bad thing is that in Bulgaria the cops are nearly as dumb as these in the game

  6. Samurai Lincoln is offline Exoticar Driver
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    Well, that's it, I'm traveling to Bulgaria to see what he means.

    "Mom's Spaghetti." - Marshall Mathers, 2002

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    2 car roadblock on a 4 lane stretch of highway and both cops tailing me manage to hit it square on...

    What good free video recorders are there by the way?

  8. Neo-Tech is offline TDU 2 = Win.
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    You can use FRAPS, but it has a limit or you could use Xfire's built in recorder.

    I think it's best on the crazy lane if you get chased by cops in TDU

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    one time i saw a cop in the water and then i saw one just driving in circles, but my wierdest experience with police was on the north shore when a cop drove over the whole mountain near the lighthouse... i should have gotten a video


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