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    Cool Rockstar Classics

    You can't get to these from the main R* site for some reason. (They are still advertised as being free downloads)
    So here's the link to the originals:

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    own both of them.

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    Cool, thanks. Nice find. +rep

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    Got GTA 2, thats what I was playing whilst waiting for GTA IV

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    i downloaded it also, but my PC is slow now, that has a problem playing it, and just freezes up and crashes

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    Can be bothered to be honest, played it GTA 2 to death (not litrally) years ago. Nice find though, good they give them away when they can't make any money off them.
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    Theres a good glitch/cheat on GTA 2 to fly (not sure if it works on the PC version). If you jump off a tall building and keep trying to throw a grenade you can fly.


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