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    Default Why can't you sit down?

    How many times have you been wandering about and seen someone sitting down or been at the edge of a pier or something and just wanted to sit your character down? Alright maybe not that much but would it not be cool if you could just take a break and sit down, think like you hold X (X360) and your character will sit down or sit on the edge of a ledge. Consider being at the top of a building and just sitting on the ledge watching what's going on below you and stuff like that.

    Just a small detail that I'm surprised this game doesn't do. :eek_blue:
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    Yer that would be very cool, chopper up to a building and then sit there.
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    Lol, relaxing isn't really in the spirit of the game though is it?

    Still it would add quite a nice touch

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    Brilliant Idea!

    You could sit on the edge of a bonnet, Sit on benches etc

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    That would be nice yes!

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    I agree with Diablo. But thats nit-picking is it not?


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