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    Default Two Endings?! *No Spoilers*

    Found this on GTAgaming forums

    Not sure if many people know this, so sorry if it's old news

    So it turns out that there are two endings to the game. Do as it says below to experience both.

    "The game has two endings, and after a mission called That special someone... save your game on a new save file.

    This way, when the game splits during the next mission providing you with two possible endings, you may reload and do the other ending. Each 'ending' has three unique missions to itself, so if you don't do this, you miss out on three missions, and the other ending. You can of course replay the game to see the other ending, but this may help you save time."

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    'That special someone' was one of the names of the pre-release teaser videos
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    I have heard about this, not sure how true it si. I have got the guide book but wont be looking as I don't want to spoil it

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    I would be surprised if there isn't 2 endings tbh or more. Some of the paths you choose would seem pretty stupid to end up at the same place as it would make it that no matter what you did you always arrive at the same conclusion so saving everyone or killing them all would be a bit redundant in that aspect, don't you think?
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