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    WARNING: Driving next to me can be extremely fun & crash-fantastic

    My Name: HAKKUHMAN (Danny)
    My Country: The Netherlands
    My Club: Exotic European Racing Club (short by EERC)
    My Rides: SPYKER C8 SPYDER T MERCEDES DTM / CLS Aston Martin DB9

    Online for like 60 days or less and I got a lot of friends on the island, but there comes a day, you want to do more then just honk your horn or play dare devil on the streets you need to meet...

    You want to showoff and eat dust for time to time, or just looking for company to cruise with?

    Find me in the game or add me to your friends list, if you want to join EERC or just drive along, you're welcome,


    European Cars
    Exotic European Cars
    Racing Cars

    Like to join? Email:[email protected] or add me as a friend

    Meeting place: Gas-station nearby Pagani-shop & the Lighthouse south from Kuilei Beach Grand View (or where-ever our roads may cross)

    Meeting time: Any time

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    Exotic European Racing

    Who's in for a cruise?

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    There aren't many (if any) PS2/PSP people on this forum

    Best bet is to go over to the official TDU forum - [TDU PSP Forum] - [TDU PS2 Forum] - they have a cruise every friday if I'm not mistaken ..
    Life is good. Simples. Cccchhhhh.

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    if you see me driving "lock" me and we'll cruise

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    when is the next cruise ? my ingame name is also findriver.

    i have only problems with finding other players !


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