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    Cool Hello everyone

    I'm Speeder. I've got 35 years old. My favourite car is a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 .
    I'm a old player of Test Drive Unlimited.
    I'm French.I'm a Moderator of TDU france. I like cruise .
    I'm PC gamer. My gametarg is SP3D3R and my X-fire Name is Speederdriver.
    See you soon on the roads of Oahu
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  2. hesonly5 is offline Hungry Hungry Hippos! :D
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    Welcome mate!

  3. macd79 is offline Chuck Norris
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    E8400 @ 4.34GHz | HD4870 @ 790/4400 | Corsair XMS2 4GB | Asus P5Q-E | Corsair 750W PSU | Antec 1200 | WD 320 SE16 | G25 | G15 | G9x |

  4. Speed is offline Can You Feel It?
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    Welcome to the wonderful world of TDU Central

  5. Andreas¹ is offline Crazy Duck
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    Wonderful? Ohwell

    Hi there, welcome here

  6. The Queen is offline <3 Ferrari F50
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    Welcome to the crazy world of TDU Central

  7. Mb
    Mb is offline The Photographer
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    Welcom to the weird world of this weird TDU:Central weirdness!

    It doesn't matter how much horsepower your car has, it's about the smile on your face when you drive it.

  8. ExplosiveGoats is offline Car Aficianado
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    Welcome to the Mighty TDU:C

  9. Baltoman is offline Baby Vipah :D
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    Hello, w00t another old guy in the group!!!! Welcome, Im the Doorman here so Ill be leading you to your room, please do not spit on anything, enjoy licking your brain and becareful with rotten things here... NOW GET OUTTA OF MAH SIGHT BEFORE A SMACK YA FACE, YOU HEAR ME MATE?

  10. Blitz3000 is offline Idling quietly
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    Hey Speeder.. Never mind about your age - I'm 36.. Send me a friend request if want to cruse some time.. I'm on almost every night and most weekends.

  11. -Lr-SpeedraceR is offline Car Aficianado
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    Nice to see u here Speeder, welcome !


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