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    Default PlayStation and Sky to Launch PC Video Download Service – Go!View

    From Three speech semi official Playstation blog

    PlayStation and Sky to Launch PC Video Download Service – Go!View
    28 Apr

    Just had some very exciting news from PlayStation on Go!View. Read the official press release below…

    This summer, PlayStation and Sky will launch Go!View, the first official PlayStation Portable® (PSP™) video download service in Europe. Go!View will provide a wealth of programming from the worlds of entertainment, comedy, sport and movies for PSP™ owners to enjoy in addition to their usual gaming experience.
    Go!View will allow PSP™ owners to create their own individual TV schedule on their PSP™ – to watch whenever and wherever they choose. The Sky and PlayStation joint venture has developed a service that makes portable, video-on-demand a reality.
    Go!View gives PSP™ users the chance to watch their favourite programmes on either a subscription or pay-per-view basis. Once registered on the Go!View website, users will be able to easily download content to the PSP™ via their PC.
    “Go!View allows PSP™ users to take advantage of a unique service, adding another dimension to PSP™’s offering” said Owen Jenkinson, Go!View Marketing Manager. “The opportunity to watch top TV and movies on-the-go and on-demand will allow PSP ™ owners to enjoy their favourite entertainment on their own terms, enhancing the PSP’s offering as a portable gaming console.”
    “Go!View is a perfect marriage of great content and leading on-demand technology from Sky and the best portable device to watch it on from PlayStation”, Alison Turner, Managing Director, Go!View.
    Go!View is the latest addition to the Go! portfolio, designed to supplement PSP™ owners’ gaming experience and give users more flexibility, choice and control. In addition to Go!View’s video download service, users also have access to Go!Messenger, a wireless communication package for PSP™ and Go!Cam, a camera attachment for the PSP™.

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    This is a good idea and I think a lot of people will use it but why don't companies improve their current standard of service rather than making new ones and not improving their other ones that need it.

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    Haha that's cool I've said it time and again and many Xbox fanboys try and shoot me down but like it or not Sony are always innovating something.
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    Wow, that will turn out great. Sony are coming out with some great media things lately. But their blu-ray writers are still expensive .

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    Looks good and it's good news for Sony Fans

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    Looks cool. "This Summer" I won't hold my breath given the likes of Home, but whenever it does arrive it should be good. +1 to Sony, M$ owe us a spring dashboard update... never know might be something we want in it.

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    Yeah, Sony are terrible for release dates. Home just takes liberties.


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