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    Excellent site and community, just wanna say a suggestion. instead of putting TDU mod links etc in a topic and how to do it etc, in my opinion it would be much easy to keep track of downloads and to find them, if it had its own area, such as on the tab? i think its called that. Where Home, UserCP, FAQ, etc etc is there should be 'Downloads' then on the page of downloads it should have with the following:

    Title, Info, Creator & the date added. Then on the bottom it should have the topic in the forums where and how people can create stuff themself. along with every download it should be in a Zip or Rar file with a read me and how to install it.

    Thats my opinion but it would be much easier to get to downloads and see what there is. Btw sorry if it doesn't make sense i can really explain it like that.

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    I like the idea although from what i can gather this is planned for later developments of the forum, i'll let diablo confirm that and give his idea/thoughts to the idea.
    Another insightful post by Baldy!!

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    That's actually a pretty good idea, would be useful!


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