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    Default Can I convert my SP profile to an online one?

    I didn't make my profile online when I first got the game, and now I'm so far I'm not going to start over. Is there any way to edit the profile and make it MP capable, or at least copy some files into a new account so it [i]is/[i] MP ready and has my old progress?

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    I do have a tutorial on this in the Mod section .. however I don't think it works now, as the Patch chaged the settings (I think) I can find out from someone if you like
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    Yes please, playing two different profiles sucks. There has to be a way to get into the save file and just copy the actual important stuff like cars and money...

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    Yeah, i think the patch fixed it to save people using trainers to get like $10,000,000,000,000 and going online with it. But yeah, it does suck having to change the accounts, i used to have a pre-owned copy of it so I couldn't go online and I had about $40,000,000, MC12 with 800 miles, Enzo with 600 miles and Z33 with 1700 miles. That's why I never have money on it these days, can't be bothered to do so many races anymore.


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