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    Default Need money for Ferrari 250, selling Sky

    Hi, I have no money but I really want to buy the Ferrari 250 (which is 5 million)

    I've blown all my money on megapack cars, lol.

    So I'm selling a Saturn Sky for $6,251,000.

    Can someone with a lot of money and a kind heart please buy it? I will forever be grateful.

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    Nevermind, a very nice person I met in-game bought it from me. Thanks, FeelBGood
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    lol. I need money too. I've got a Jaguar XK (brand new) up for sale! Please be kind. I have a grand total of $0 atm lol

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    ill buy if you really need money, pm or talk to me on xfire to organize it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Speedtouch »
    I have a grand total of $0 atm lol
    Do some races then

    Quote Originally Posted by DreadMetis »
    Then I woke up in France...


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