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    Default Advice On Quality

    I am wondering what you guys would choose out of these. I've been playing around today with graphics etc, and have come up with 2 ways of having the game (for normal driving)

    - 800x600, HDR on, 2xAA.
    - 1280x960, HDR off, 0xAA.

    With the first one, I can have 4xAA but it lags a bit here and there, and the second one I cannot have anything or it gives me ultimate lag.

    I wanted to know whether having a better resolution or having HDR/AA on gives the better quality. Taking photos is not an issue because for them I crank everything up anyway, and live with the lag for a few seconds.

    Oh, and getting a new computer isn't an option. I can't afford one.

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    I would say the second as it's a better resolution

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    I think 800 would be too small on a 1280 screen. Text would be unreadble. Is there a setting for 1024? like 1024x800 ?? Then you could have 1xAA or 2xAA and no HDR. That would be best imo.
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    The problem I have is I play TDU on a 32" HDTV, resolution 1366x768. It won't accept many resolutions (and none higher than 1366), and most of the ones it will look very stretched.

    As far as text etc goes 800 is fine, as is 1280, but I haven't really tried higher. And I don't think it accepts anything 1024. I'm going to play a bit more now, and do some more tests.
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