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    Default Exotics for sale!

    Just saw this for sale today. It looks bloody awesome and no wonder it's POA!

    It's a "2003 TVR Speed 12, 820bhp!, fully road legal and a power to weight ratio of a Bugatti Veyron!

    Also it has to be one of the most exclusive cars for sale. It really is a masterpiece

    Linkage -->

    Tell me your opinions and also post up some cars that you think are special. Not just any old car, it has to have something special about it

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    That is wikid, The car's rear end is made completely of titanium. And has 850 HP

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    One of these was for sale at the TVR dealership I went to with my dad once to get our car serviced, well nice. Rare as hell.
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    Lovely car.

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    AWESOME, but strange

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    I love the 'Get Insurance Quote' in the google ads. Shall we not find out how much stuff we have to sell to insure it? lol. How about for 17yr olds?

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    Woah, that's well nice. Almost as insane as expecting people to drive Caparo T1s as road cars.

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    Been for sale many a time, I'm pretty sure it was sold about 2 months ago, but has not been taken off yet.


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