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    Default TDU ingame Music List

    does anyone one have the track list for the default music in TDU
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    Smile Re: TDU ingame Music List

    Quote Originally Posted by Woodo »
    does anyone one have the track list for the default music in TDU
    i wanna check it out for you, gonna post again when i found some :bananajump:


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    Default Re: TDU ingame Music List

    Well.. Simple answer is no but there are well over 50 tracks. I would try and write them all down and post them But I rarely play on weekdays therefore on weekends I play to the max (18 hours +).. I'll see what I can do..
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    Default Re: TDU ingame Music List

    i have the beta and all the songs are mp3 format... and although i cant play the beta anymore, i can still get the songs
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    Default Re: TDU ingame Music List

    Please do not discuss methods of acquiring media in those methods or asking for it publicly on the board.

    Thanks !
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