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    Default Hardcore mode problem

    I recently went from a X360 Premium (one with the 20gb hard drive) to an Elite. I used the cable you're supposed to use and followed the instructions and it all went well except 1 thing..

    ...every time I use TDU I have to re-download hardcore. Everything else downloaded properly and I don't know why this one doesn't. I phoned Xbox and they tried some maintenance thing which didn't work.

    Any suggestions please.....

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    There is no real way to do this apart from setting up a free Silver account, purchasing the Hardcore mode download from the Marketplace with this new profile and then phone up Microsoft and have them reimburse you 160 MSP again. Phoning MS first before doing this usually works the best.

    The reason this keeps happening is because of the security crap that MS uses to match downloads to the 360 and Hard Drive that downloaded the content originally.
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