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    Default Clothes?

    Sorry if you're not allowed to make threads, i couldnt really see a thread answering this. My question is has anyone actually gotten into the clothes textures or anything like that? Imo it would be fun have a metallica shirt or some other brand or even our own clothes.

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    We need some pastel coloured suits for the Ferrari 512TR and the 308.

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    Me thinks it would be possible... There is a .bnk file with all the clothes in .2db's inside it

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    There is an invisible blazer out there ... (I think on TDU:C Germany)

    So it can be done, but not widely modded.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iced_Bullet »
    So it cant be done, but not widely modded.
    can't or can? Decide

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    TDU has the most wierd system for clothes. I tried to do a SWRT Shirt and it didn't come out as planned.

    I'm sure someone will figure it out so we can have some actual bike racing leathers.


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