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    Default Why TDU Servers occasionally cripple [Video! :p]

    Watch this xD!! Thanks to theFRM for finding this gem xD

    If the video above doesn't show click here to view it.

    [HQ - ish!]
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    now think what will happent if the guy who get in train first wants to get out in next stop

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    That's got to be in the top 10 youtube vids, classic.

    I don't know why I find it so funny.
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    I love near the end that someone's jacket is sticking out the door. Good find !
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    LMAO! That's so effin' funny!

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    lmao i love that its happening all the way down the train

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    Lmao, this is clean off. The Train People Helpers even push them in, thats creasing, you'd think they would walk up to them and stop them trying to push in.

    At the end of the video just before the train takes off you hear a huge creak noise, would be so funny if the sides of the train pop off lmao!

    Nice find!

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    LOL, thats hilarious !!!!!!!

    Ha ha lol, they made me laugh when more guys came over to push the people in .
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    bloody nuts!

    and you all thought the tube was cramped!

    if it wasnt an electrical line it would actually be safer to be on the roof indian style
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    Amazing as it is, this is completely 100% true! Shows how badly over-populated Japan's urban areas are. Station attendants will literally CRAM you into the train, as you have just seen. For all those who complain about the state of public transport in wherever you are, you got nothing on this

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    haha brilliant, nice find.
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    that makes the trains from here to London look quite pleasant!
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