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    Default What Music...

    i d k if im in right section or anything, but was just curious as to what music do you peeps listen to i know that in past LAN & WCG tourneys i've seen people with headphones on listening to metal or techno or hip hop etc.... personally i think the music you listen to while you play a driving game can either dampen or improve your style and technique. I prefer heavy metal \m/ like KALMAH or The Absence, sometimes when i throw those in i can really feel the difference in the way i play, like literally my heart beats faster and i dont know but i just get real deep into game and all that... so out of curiousity what do you listen to ???

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    I'm mainly a progressive house man myself (thats what I buy and mix). If you're into that kind of thing, see my sig for more specifics.

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    metal and trance for me. it keeps me awake and pumped up.

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    Hardcore (Techno, not that METAL crap)

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    I listen to rock/metal/heavy metal (but the not the crap where they scream). I like my music with good bass but not too much because my speakers like to bounce around my room. I have noticed that I am better at games when I have good music on but as soon as i start to sing I kinda lose my concentration and lose.

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    Me ??????

    I mainly listen to Indie Rock but lately I have started to enjoy some good old blues (you know BB King ?????), classic Motown, classic Soul, classic RnB & classic rock.

    I have a pretty diverse music taste and I listen to whatever I like and I generally don't follow the crowd with my music taste i.e. like a band/song because everyone else does !!!.
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    I remeber there was a thread about this a while ago (a say a while more like a year ago) and I wrote a massive essay.

    Basically I like anything and everything

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    I lurve music from old NFS games, but on later days I'v started to listen to Rob Zombie
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    Nothing wrong with a bit of Rob Zombie

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    I didn't say it was wrong, but I have never really been any fan of rock, but Rob makes it so... good

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    I like 'Alternative' stuff. Favourite band are Muse.

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    I'm mostly a heavy metalhead (the more screamo the better!) but I like light stuff aswell and trance/techno stuff, I'll show a number of stuff I like:

    Linkin Park
    Bon Jovi
    Garude (I think it is)
    Bullet For My Valentine
    Shellshock (only local but they're awesome! Their anti chav song ftw)
    Iron Maiden
    Bring Me The Horizon (only heard the cover of Eyeless by Slipknot)
    Jimi Hendrix
    Mindless Self Indulgence
    Escape the Fate
    Kids in Glass Houses

    Stuff like that!

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    Hardcore Drum n Bass, Hardstyle, Hardtrance, Hardcore, Jumpstyle, Trance, Techno, Garage, Speed Garage and UK/Chicago House.

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    Quite alot of bands from Alternative Rock to Death Metal.

    Currently listening to Necrophagist.

    Wouldnt class myself as an 'emo' or 'greebo' either. I just like to think I'm someone who likes to listen to the technicality behind music.

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    i hate how indie rock is branded as Alternative Rock.

    I'm mainly an indie follower but also a big fan of trance, dance, techno and light rock.

    I like alot of music from pretty much every genre but these are my main ones.
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    bands i listen to while playing games:

    Alternative Metal
    * Shinedown
    * Sevendust
    * Flyleaf

    Heavy Metal
    * Metallica
    * Black Label Society
    * Rob Zombie
    * Slipknot
    * Hell Yeah

    Power Metal
    * Quiet Riot
    * Motley Crue
    * Edguy
    * Twisted Sister
    * Poison
    * White Snake

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    Cheezy Pop ... mainly 80s

    or any trash that's in the charts
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  18. Who
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    id say i like alternative (formerly indie) such as Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Frattellis and the like. I prefer not to say i like indie anymore following the upshot of whiney poo masquerading as 'indie' (case in point, amy whine-house and the genre on teh whole sucks a fat opne now. all you need is a whiney voice, and acoustic guitar and a song with rhyming qualities similar to a poem written by a 4 year old.

    Nowadays i like stuff like The Hives (fav band ever ) Kula Shaker (seen them twice!) Foo Fighters, Bloc Party, White Stripes...

    i love older music to be honest, my favs from the good old days would be The Who, Led Zepp, ACDC, The Beatles, Oasis, Blur, Supergrass (still going but having seen them live their new stuff sucks)

    erm, much more, too early in the morning for a decent list
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    Anything that sounds good, and for your listening pleasure.

    If the video above doesn't show click here to view it.
    Another insightful post by Baldy!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by baldred »
    Anything that sounds good, and for your listening pleasure.
    I was 21 and in my final year at Uni then ... many an evening down a nightclub in those days
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