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    Default TDU All Platforms : All Car Data Table [Download]

    Well, thanks to Damunn for making this table, it includes every single car within the PC and 360 (Excuding the DLC #6, but including Giveaway ones). So basically, it is every PC car (inc Megapack).

    I take no responsibilty for this chart, all effort was provided by

    [Download Microsoft Excel File]

    Example Screeny:
    Life is good. Simples. Cccchhhhh.

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    What can we do with this? Change te price of the car or what? :P

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    lol. it's just a reference.

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    Crap, I don't have Excel!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMax »
    Crap, I don't have Excel!
    I think OpenOffice will open Excel files, it's free.

    Oh, I forget, you have problems when it comes to links

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    small note the data for the Spyker C8T (i think) acceleration is wrong its supposed to be 3.7 seconds but the table says its slower than the 300sl at 37seconds 0-60 time. i assume its a posers car :P

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