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    Default Alone in the Dark Hands on Preview and Presentation @ Atari UK

    Anyone who might be available at the end of May and would like to go and view as well as get hands on experience with the new upcoming Alone in the Dark title might be interested in checking the thread linked below.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tenebra
    Hi guys

    As promised, I've been looking into organising a presentation outside working days. With the release getting closer, I'm sure you'll get a chance to have a go at playing Alone in the Dark rather than just watching a demo

    How does Saturday 31st of May sound to you? I'll need to have an idea of how many people are interested, so, if you are, could you please wave your little hand? :salut2:

    Note: This is at Atari UK HQ so getting to London is the core issue but if that's not a problem and you like cookies then this may be something cool to do.
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    Damn. Definitly won't be able for this as i'm all the way up in Scotland and have exams coming up etc..

    Which is a shame...

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    so close to my birthday ...
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    not old enough still buying it tho
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheScottishSpotter »
    Damn. Definitly won't be able for this as i'm all the way up in Scotland and have exams coming up etc..
    Sucks to be you!

    *thinks for a second*

    Ah dammit!

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