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    Default Microsoft customer service

    Click me

    I just couldn't resist posting this up.

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    ROFL, Imagine waiting 10years to get your xbox repaired :S

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    That is some BEEP. I would be really mad.

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    OUCH! Poor guy... Man i'd be really miffed if something like this happened to me... Mistakes like these are unacceptable...

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    but instead of typing "1/8/98" they probably typed "1/8/08
    Funny stuff in a way, at leaves they are organised and are able to keep files nice and tidy after 10 years to remember to phone someone

    I wonder what " Brian " said to them when they phoned

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    Haha, incredible, really it is. I read about this a while ago but still surprising

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    Well, it's nice to know they're THAT organized

    That's just not good enough, really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by carmadmike »
    ROFL, Imagine waiting 10years to get your xbox repaired :S
    After 10 years there would be a new version Xbox. lol


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