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    Default Sending / Accepting Friend requests, But the list stays empty

    Alright people Im not sure if this is a 'problem, but its sure annoying,

    Ive been playing for about 5 days, an accepted / requested to be friends with around 8 players. All have been accepted by me or them, but whenever I go into the club locations it always shows as "Friends list Empty"


    Whats happening! :bananamad:

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    I press 2 for accepting friends

    F - (Number) - 6 - 2 - Enter

    Is this right?

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    When you get a request, you press the numberpad '4' to accept it.
    same with linking up with people.

    And its easy to go to the map and set filters to friends, that way you don't need to go into the club all the time.

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    well I accept friends the right way, and every time i go to the map filter and set on friends, it never shows anybody, NEVER even when I know their there. ITS ANOYING


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