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    Default Old vs New

    Right, personally I cannot stand new cars. The new BMW, Audis and Mercs (hate mercs anyway). They are fugly, heavy and unless you get a whopping great V8 in, rather sluggish.
    I would take a 2.5ltr E30 than an M3 E92; The E36 I'm also quite partial to aswell.
    I would buy a Sport Quattro than a RS4. Because it sounds...go hear it for yourself.
    So, what about you guys. Old or New?

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    Old certainly for sports cars but for big cars like BMW's I'd have to say new. There just more comfortable. I've take a 250 GT over a 599 anyway though.
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    Im partial to older muscle cars, this is my Dream car i hope to own one day.

    A Third Gen Chevrolet Camaro

    So sexy

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    my mate used to have one of those Camaros ... an RS in the Blue to be precise
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