Hi! =)

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    Default Hi! =)

    Hello around here, I'm Alex, 23 years and came from Spain.

    I'm glad to know this forum and hope to be here for quite some time.

    I have the game since he was released for PC.

    Soon I will make a new thread with my pics.


    P.S. Excuse my english, I need a little help of translator hehe.

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    Welcome there, When I saw your name I thought you were brazilian but looks like you're not, anyways welcome to the holy retarded non spitting TDU:C HQ.. we always enjoy jumping on top of fluffy things and we are Homelessphobias so plz.. do not dress up like a homeless guy. Your room is numba 14 and I dunno your carlot, LOL btw Im Balto The Official Doorman that licks brains

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    Hello and welcome to the mad fun fair

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    Leader & Founder of the "Ponies of War" Gaming Comunity

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    Lol @ Balto!

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    Absolutely the most super of all the non-super moderators Your friendly community moderator.

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    Welcome, you'll be pleased to know I am the only person who licks the left side of my brain 'cause it tastes like chikin!


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