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  1. TDU Mods : Traffic Body Shell Changing [Download]
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    Here's the original:

    And the translated:

    It's basically about replacing existing AI vehicles with unused ones.
    But I looked at the description of this board mentioning changing the traffic itself. Well, it can be done!

  2. TDU Mods : Traffic Body Shell Changing [Download] Comments
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    Ooh, looks interesting...

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    I actually tried the truck one, where you replace Pompier1.bnk with Truck2.bnk, but it was a bit strange... Whenever a truck spawned, some boxes flew out the back of it, lol.

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    hehe look what I'll be working on slowly over the next few weeks

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    Life is good. Simples. Cccchhhhh.

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    HAHA nice one, I shall definitely be getting this for the PC

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    No road anywhere is in that good a condition!

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    lol, think about it.... Imagine when you are in a high speed cruise and you check a high intensive traffic of trucks on the road... oh noes...

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    Looks Cool!!

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    hahaha nice! looks like pimp cars. :P
    oooor... pimped out car... whichever terminology you'd prefer to use.
    hahaha. NICE!

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    Where do i get this please send me link

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    Haha, good one, Matt

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    seems like Xzibit has picked that one up and drove it to west coast customs to pimp that ride

    haha, awesome !

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