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    Default TDU Mod Programs : Crazy Bumps

    This is a beta test I have just noticed and only allows me to have it 1 day. I will look into this and get back asap! Just beware

    Crazy Bumps is a program which is used to mod Textures and Features. I will endevor to also learn how to use this and post some tutorials. It is used currently for light mods and the like. This was not developed for TDU, it has been around for some time, and is used for various game mods.

    [Official Site]
    [Official Forum]
    [Official Download]


    Life is good. Simples. Cccchhhhh.

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    looks good if it worked for TDU that would be amazing

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    I see only one screenshot there


    Quote Originally Posted by macd79 »
    looks good if it worked for TDU that would be amazing

    It wouldn't be amazing. It would be bloody brilliant

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    and the point in it would be...?

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    i'm happy with it!

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    Wow, nice going on bringing a dead thread to life..

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    zmodeler wont import so i'm open for everything

    edit: oops it's a 2d editor
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    Quote Originally Posted by tool831 »
    Wow, nice going on bringing a dead thread to life..

    EDIT: Isnt it such irony after looking at the thread title?

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    Does it let you reverse the already-crazy bumps we have in the roads?

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    wait? this mod does what?

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    its not really a mod, just a program that someone was going to see if it could be used to mod TDU with MUCH better textures.


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