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    Default What really annoys you?

    (Dunno if this was suitable..)

    Something that really annoys me is when people try to tell me what I can do or not.

    And when couples start groping in public. Its annoying, they seem to be everywhere.

  2. Mb
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    - TDU servers not working correctly
    - Beer is not cold
    - School
    - Friend is away this weekend (A woman that is.)

    It doesn't matter how much horsepower your car has, it's about the smile on your face when you drive it.

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    When People Brag About being Wealthy, Or having something very expensive.
    When People who think they are "better than you" Look down there nose at you

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    Threads asking what annoys me !
    I'm a bit mental.

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    Threads like this!

    Damn Diablo was faster

    Life is good. Simples. Cccchhhhh.

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    - Having to order things from Hong Kong and wait a week for them to come
    - My Chemical Romance
    - People doing stupid impressions of techno when they don't know what it is
    - People going on and on about Skins
    - People insulting Nissan Micras
    - People telling me an R35 GTR wouldn't get anywhere near an R8
    - Rude people
    - People saying my last name as "Peacock"
    - Rainy days when i'm outside
    - Un-controlled, un-disciplined children
    - My mum being annoyed with someone or something that taking it out on me by moaning at me for an hour about me not doing something she didn't tell me to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DriftNismo »
    - People going on and on about Skins
    Why not? It's amazing!

    Can't believe it ends this week Now that's annoying

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    Everyone goes on and on about it and they're constantly asking me if i "saw it last night", to which i reply "Godamnit no! I don't watch it!" and then they come back to me 5 minutes later asking me again. Talk to me about the EDC/IDC and i'll listen but not about Skins, Hollyoaks or Eastenders because i don't care.

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    LOL What annoys me:

    1. People Accusing/Thinking Me of Being Rich
    2. Girls With Make Up
    3. My Mom's Side of the Family
    4. Immature People
    5.Crazy Crazy Girls
    6. People Dressing Like Puff Didly
    7. People Buying Used Cars to Look Like Puff Didly
    8. TDU Servers Not Working
    9. Screaming 10 year olds on Xbox Live
    10. A Girl on my Friends List Who Won't Shut Up!
    11. Losing my Forza 2
    12 People Begging Me to get Call of Duty 4
    13 Discrimination
    14 American Car Quality
    15 Toyota/Honda/Isuzu/Kia Related Products
    16 MPV's
    17 Homework
    18 TDU Ruining my Computer
    19 TDU2 not out yet.
    20 Not Able to Find a Nice Place to Have a Car Photoshoot
    21 Having Annoying Neighbors
    22 People Saying Maybach is Ugly
    23 Music Like Jizzy Tissue
    24 Crazy Frog
    25 Useless Things
    26 Rubbish Things
    27 Pierced Ears etc.
    28 Al Gore
    29 Tree Hugging Enviormental Freaks Like Greenpeace
    30 People Supporting Greenpeace
    31 People accusing cars of Global Warming when it's Farting Cows
    32 Airport Security Being a Pain (Although It's Worth Safety)
    33 Not having a Mobile
    34 Not Having Vauxhall/Holden in the US
    35 Not having European Cars that are quite nice like the Ford Mondeo in the US
    36 Ford Dying Because There's A Obvious Solution That Can Help So Well
    37 People With No Life
    38 People Not Working
    39 Lazy People
    40 Jerks
    41 Nuns in my School
    42 My School Being Cheap
    43 Spamming
    44 People on MSN Forwarding Me Irrelavent Emails Such As "Are You a Hottie or a Geek"
    45 Unable To Have Everything In Life
    46 Just Knowing After Months That One Phone Call Telling I Liked Someone Could've Fixed Everything Rubbish for the last few months.
    47 Having Someone Angry Since I Know His/Her Cousin
    48 Having People Follow You
    49 Being Stalked By Someone Angry At You
    50 Sometimes Not Able To Tell About Your Personal Matters
    51 Biased Stuff
    52 People Claiming They Have a BMW then appearing a Minivan
    53 People Angry I Appear in a Mercedes S-Class
    54 AIM Is Useless
    55 Mac is Useless
    56 Vista Not Being As Good as it Should Be
    57 Flame Wars
    58 Starting Over
    59 iTouch/iPhone
    60 Jaguar and Land Rover Owned By Indian Dudes
    61 Ken Livingstone
    62 NYC With a Potential of Having Congestion Charges
    63 My Teacher Trading in a Volvo S40 for a Saab 93 Convertable
    64 Cadillac Being Somehow Useless
    65 Not Having a Wheel
    66 Not Able to Drive Yet
    67 Going to Dances that make drastic Changes
    68 Bad Quality
    69 People Claiming Bad Stuff is Good
    70 People Asking Me for Stuff I TOLD THEM I DON'T HAVE
    71 TAX
    72 Mercedes GL500/550 having a Bad Grill in the US
    73 Speed Cameras
    74 Cops on Patrol
    75 Google Earth Being Useless
    76 Infiniti Being an Underdog
    77 Cruelty
    78 Wishing To Be Drunk and Can't
    79 Drinking Age Isn't 12
    80 Limewire/Ares Is Useless and Somehow Pointless
    81 Viruses
    82 Spyware
    83 Annoying People
    84 Non-Independent People
    85 That's It's Not Normal to Wear Sunglasses At Night
    86 Idiots
    87 Bad Women Drivers
    88 Almost Being Ran Over Three Times
    89 Bad Male Drivers
    90 " People that think they know everything." KTF
    91 "Adults that treat me like I am 5." KTF
    92 "People that don't pronounce my [last] name right."
    93 People who get proper Benz's and ruin them and thus making people hate them
    94 Ricers
    95 Adults (Example Government) thinking that teens are all reckless Puff Didly fans!
    96 Saab

    I'll add more when I find more stuff annoying.
    My Life Sounds Annoying But It Isn't Really.
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  10. Camel is offline Legendary Classic
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    WOW thats quite a list and annoying things annoy me

  11. RB26DETT is offline Banned
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    1. TDU servers not working properly
    2. People already have the megapack!
    3. I'm driving a Corolla (RL)
    4. Can't afford a Skyline R34 GTR!
    5. Taxi, Bus, and Jeepney drivers have no discipline on the road and keep cutting lanes!
    6. EMO!
    7. Music like the Click Five
    8. People calling me a satanist because I listen to Metal.

  12. Who
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    1. Getting hurt by love
    2. The fact I always let myself down
    3. when my closest friends are at 'that time of the month'
    4. being described as 'nice'
    5. people discriminating against those who are different
    6. the fact that its so rare for me to find love
    7. over the top political correctness
    8. the fact that I never know if i am a a happy drunk, or a sad depressive drunk (hate it when i start crying drunk )
    9. people that drive SUV's to bully road users, and who will never intend to take the car offroad
    10. chavs
    11. alchopops (alchohol for people that cant handle it if it doesnt taste like pop >.>)
    12. my hair's ability to cover my eyes and not move
    13. nothing goes to plan
    14. syphoning petrol and getting a mouthfull *blech*
    15. the fact my metabolism has drastically slowed and i have put on over a stone in the last few months
    16. the price of everything

    theres more, much more, i just cant think of them, or i dont want to dwell on the most annoying things in my life
    Formerly Crazed Dodgem/Lwsbrck

    I'm not dead!

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    1.The bus
    2. Computer stores
    3. When my computer laggs
    4. poser gangsters
    5. Not having the LM
    6. People who think they are rich
    7. People who are rich and act rich
    8. Hobos and Bums
    9. Supermarket

  14. Loz
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    Not having any Ham in the Fridge
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    Quote Originally Posted by RB26DETT »
    4. Can't afford a Skyline R34 GTR!
    I totally can. lol

    My most annoying thing.
    1. Still a virgin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KingSkyline »
    I totally can. lol
    lol. lucky you!

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    People I don't want to talk to calls/texts me
    Brothers without respect of my room
    Small children living next door who doesn't get disciplined.
    Spoiled children
    ALOT more.

    "Supercars are designed to mess with G forces, hypercars are designed to mess with G strings." - Jeremy Clarkson
    Noobs are great, everybody should own one

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarboyZR1 »
    15 Toyota/Honda/Isuzu/Kia Related Products
    34 Not Having Vauxhall/Holden in the US
    59 iTouch/iPhone
    63 My Teacher Trading in a Volvo S40 for a Saab 93 Convertable
    71 TAX
    80 Limewire/Ares Is Useless and Somehow Pointless
    15 What's wrong with Toyota's, Honda's and Kia's?
    34 Trust me, you don't want Vauxhall.
    59 What's wrong with the iTouch and iPhone? I have a 32GB iTouch and i'm getting the 3G 2nd Generation iPhone when it comes out next month and the iTouch is probably the best handheld gadget i've ever had.
    63 What's wrong with that?
    71 Yeah, everytime i go out to the US tax pisses me off as well.
    80 Use uTorrent or Bitlord.

    Btw, who remembers DirectConnect and Kazaa?

  19. Aquila DK is offline is Tom Kristensen :D
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    Kazaa for the lose It's full of... you know

    "Supercars are designed to mess with G forces, hypercars are designed to mess with G strings." - Jeremy Clarkson
    Noobs are great, everybody should own one

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    Yeah, now it is, it wasn't those years ago when i used to use it .

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