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    Default Photomode Glitch

    I know people have asked for this and I had a message through Live! asking for this not too long ago so here it is for those who don't know.

    1) Setup your pic how you would like the camera position to stay.
    2) Take the pic.
    3) Enter a name or just press 'Start'.
    4) Immediately after pressing 'Start' press 'B' to exit. If you get a whoosh sound right after then you've done it, if not the image will save as normal so you will have to do it again.

    When you have it glitched, move it around, zoom in, zoom out etc, bare in mind though, it is very difficult to do anything in this view as moving your car moves the camera viewpoint.
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    Hmm, I've always wanted to know how to do that! Cheers, Diablo!

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    i've been doing that on the PC version for ages diablo. i just thought it was a known fact and didnt mention it sry. great fun tho. it basically drops the camera where the photo was being taken from, great fun!!!

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    Ringo, what button do you use to exit? Default or does it not matter?

    I will try this
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    i cant do in PC too
    work just XBOX?
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