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    Default Custom music stations?

    Hi, fellas!

    Well, i'm getting quite settled (again) in TDU and wanted to try some custom music, to have while driving around, so i followed this tutorial:

    "Test drive unlimited allows the user to have up to four custom radio stations, to bring they own custom mp3 tracks into the game, setting up these radio stations whilst as simple as it is has been a topic for discussion since the release of tdu itself. so lets begin by navigating to the location where we will make these stations.
    c:\my documents\testdriveunlimited\savegame\yourprofilename\Radio
    the end part of the above link is the first step in creating your radio stations, you have to manually make this folder. to do this simply right click in a blank area within the window and select new folder, rename it to "Radio" and then press the enter key to confirm the action. and you should see this.

    enter the new folder "Radio" by double clicking it now, once inside we need to create four radio stations. You can call these whatever you wish, but for the purpose of this tutorial im going to call them "station 1-2-3-4" when its completed it should look like this...

    we have now created the folders required for our custom radio stations which in game will provide us with a total 8 radio stations to cruise too, four default stations provided by eden games and our personal four stations. at the minute none of our radio station contain any music. so in turn simply drag the required mp3 files into each folder. or place shortcuts into the station folders from your mp3 files.

    that's it - all done !!!
    TRACK LIMIT: i recommend for best results keeping the amount of mp3 in each station folder to a max of 20songs. the community has over time added 30-100 songs per folder, but report that they are sometimes forced to skip alot of tracks to get to the required one. if you are using multiple profiles you will have to setup different folders for each of the profiles.
    EDITING STANDARD STATIONS: you can also edit the standard stations, one of the old school forum members created a program that allows you to just that, but you can only overwrite the stations tracks, you cant exceed that figure so radio bot ingame, contains nine songs in total, so you can place nine custom tracks only in this folder. "

    But it doesn't work, when i first started i could switch to these stations i made, but no sound game (i had music turned on max in "audio-settings" and i had the volume to the max using my +key...

    Why didnt it work? I used simple standard mp3-format, but still nothing...

    Any help is appreciated

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    thats where i have mine setup

    C:\Documents and Settings\Grant\My Documents\Test Drive Unlimited\savegame\ShiZzl3\Radio\Cruising Tunes

    works perfectly.

    make sure its a m3u play list or mp3. anything else wont work


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    Ok, thanks for the heads up! I got mine to work now, but only (it seems) because i changed the names of the station
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