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    Default Flatout

    Well, here is my first video about Flatout, and I like how the dummies fly and break their bonies in all the attempts for new world records in high jump, long jump and precision throw. ^^

    Meowies, I hope you'll enjoy the video, with music from Marquess and his newest song called "La Histeria".

    Link to download or play directly:

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    brilliant game!
    good job getting the high jumps but whats with the missing the ditch technique in the precision throw?
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    Never tried the game but it looks good and nice video!

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    flatout 2, way better

  5. Abstandhalterin is offline Right Lane Hog
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    What technique do you mean? If I jump from the top of the baulk like in the long jump, the puppet would fly too far over the dartboard and end up at the rear fence, I've tried it often enuff, believe me. *giggles* The technique I have now is the most precise way to get it at least close to the center zone. I've had various 90 point throws already and one 95 throw that was previously a 100 and then got downgraded after a few seconds. I was a bit angry back then. *giggles*

    My records are so far in high jump (140.00 meters) and long jump (123.63 meters). In precision throw I got 240 points one time in three attempts (80, 70, 90). In long jump, the puppy could fly even further if there was no fence at the end of the sand lane (right behind the 120 meter mark).

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    FlatOut is good, FlatOut 2 is even better, I usually play online as pwn people

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    yeah I only have 1, but its awesome

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    FlatOut 2 is awesome... Shame it's StarForce-protected, so my dad doesn't want me to install it on his (better) computer

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    Flatout is a good game but i miss the good old days of the Destruction Derby games on PS1. (Destruction derby 2 & Destruction derby RAW were the best)

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    Me thinks a new FlatOut is coming in June (atleast it says so on a shopping site we have) but until then, I'll just have to crash cars in FO2, nice change to TDU when you're in a bad mood xD


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