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    Default Cars of my dads garage.

    Hey guys i want to show the cars my dad and brother are selling they have an Alfa Romeo and Fiat garage, this is the website where you can see their occasions i hope you will like them!

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    Default Re: Cars of my dads garage.

    Quite a collection for sale but whats the obsession with Fiats and Alfas

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    Default Re: Cars of my dads garage.

    woah how do you collect that many cars?? lol

    i like european cars, american cars should start changing style. most american cars are sorta boxy, and maybe a few lines on the cars body work here and there. but european cars are all like, curvy-ish, and they are cooler looking : ]

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    Default Re: Cars of my dads garage.

    Some yoke came up saying web page is not available boo



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