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    Default Help!!! Pc Wont Recognize Cd After Uninstall

    Hello again, I am here today in seek of some help. On tuesday, I downloaded the sound patch v.2. It has worked yesterday but today when I moved my computer into my room, the game stopped working. Although I got a new moniter, it is better then the one I've been using... But now, I uninstalled it without making profile backups and now the game freezes right before the main menu completely loads. It freezes when its black. So now, the computer won't even recognize the disk!!!
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    Life is good. Simples. Cccchhhhh.

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    Well it wouldnt even install... but it turns out that my new moniter doesnt like ther game too much... So i got my old moniter up and running for now... I reinstalled for nothing!!!
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