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    Default MG to make a return to longbridge

    Longbridge lives!
    Rover may be dead and buried, may it rest in peace, but there's still some life left in MG.

    The first of the Chinese-owned MGs will roll off the Longbridge production line this spring.

    Longbridge will produce right-hand-drive TF sports cars, but production for left-hand-drive models will be in Pukou, China, where MG owner Nanjing has its factory.

    Nanjing is keeping quiet about prices and specifications of the revitalised MG TF, but expect it to be much the same as the last of the MG-Rover models.
    i luves it! the MG TF is a car i really like, i much prefer it to the MX5 or any other cheap convertibles.

    aswell, i suppose that MG and landrover are the only 'living' divisions of british leyland, its a shame that such a massive industry, which gave us some of the greatest classics, (triumph stag, mini cooper, MGB, morris minor) is nearly gone now, aswell as the whole 'affordable' british car industry.

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    Default Re: MG to make a return to longbridge

    dont like them mg's, there not even that fast are they, you dont really see that many of them on the streets here

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    Default Re: MG to make a return to longbridge

    Well this is a surprise to say the least, I thought they we're dead too!
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    Default Re: MG to make a return to longbridge

    working in the industry ... I'll see it when I believe it ... MG won't be back in much strength ... the car is now ancient in terms of design ... they need to do something new VERY quickly

    I'm more interested in when Kimber is going to make his version of the Smart Roadster/Coupe
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    Default Re: MG to make a return to longbridge

    they should be kept off the streets lol

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    My GF has got a TF in Trophy Yellow. Its a nice car but its a birds motor but on the MG forums there more blokes that own them than birds.

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    Ohh NO !!!

    I Hate rovers, MG's there just cars that look gud on the outside but the cars on are ancient underneath !!

    NAC just produce ere sell in China !!
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