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    Exclamation Moniter Problems-I'm an Idiot Unless....

    Heya, well I have a 22" Acer I think LCD because it is only what an inch in depth. Anyway, lines that are transparent but noticeable continuously rise to the top of the screen... it's hard to explain but, they are just there. it never did it before i got my new computer. previously i had a '02 Dell desktop thing that wasn't really meant for gaming, what so ever... as of now i have a dell xps 630 with basically all the features of the 720 except for the 500g HD. Plus, i have the ageia//agiea what ever, physics enhancer... so im not sure if its my moniter or computer. it has twin NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT 512mb cards but the moniter says its certified for vista, which i have xp...

    If anyone can help me out here, thanks! :bananasplit:

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    From what you are describing it sounds like you have your screen refresh rate set to 60Hz, so just change it to 70Hz or there abouts and it should be fine.

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    alright let me try that,


    Ok I just tried I went under properties (right click) > setting > adavanced > moniter and theres a bar thing and it is only saying 60Hz, its the scrolly bar thing. then it says, "Hide modes that this moniter cannot display" with a check box thing next to it. So I un-checked it and still only 60Hz...
    then below it, it says, "Clearing this check box allows you to select display modes that this moniter cannot display correctly. This may lead to an unusable display and/or damaged hardware"

    I'm going to attempt to hit properties though in that same area and see what comes up...

    Properties just showed up with drivers and such....
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