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    Question invisible cars

    Has anyone seen (or not seen!) invisible cars , since I upgraded my pc (8800gt video card, q6600 processor) I seem to drive into cars that are not there!? It's very frustrating when delivering a car and run into something you didn't see!

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    This happens to me on the xbox 360 version of the game so i don't think it is your setup.

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    Glad to see you have come back neil, you were here ages ago, I remember

    As for invisible cars, I have had this problem before. You are meaning traffic right? Usually happens when your with someone else and they will have different traffic etc.. Being not the same as you. The other person may see a van or something and you may see nothing at all and if your close enough to them you will crash into what seems an invisible car. Difficult to explain

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    Thumbs up

    Hello mate, yes thats exactly what I meant, I thought I was losing it! and thanks mellors for the reply. BTW my in game name is now neiljo, gamespy changed my password but didn't tell me! so if you see me driving through the trees by a bend give me a shout!

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    i have the same problem though, i play ofline... cuz i suck rofl... but, it makes me jump, it scares the bajesus out of me when it happens... is their a problem because i have the same video card as he does, the NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT 512mb...

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    I also play the game offline and run into invisible cars.
    I also find out that it is always a police car i run into.
    So i downloaded a mod tool wich is cald TDU no traffic hack.
    In there you find files for al the sepperate cars in traffic.
    I use the file to hide the police car in the game.
    Sadly no more police chases but sinds then i never run into a invisible car animore.
    Mabe this wil help some of you couse i do realy like to roam the streets on a bike in TDU

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    I get this once in while its most probably connection problems or something.


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