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    What kind of useage to you have on the website and how much will your host allow. Just wanted to know becouse im intressted how much bandwidth a site like this needs.
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    A site of this size at the moment wont use a lot of bandwidth unless they start modding it to the extreme.

    I have noticed with running my own vB forum that vBulletin has got more server intensive if running a very busy forum since 3.6

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    The board alone is taking about 200Mb a day in bandwidth right now (it's still pretty small remember), as for the pics and the audio file they've taken about 15Gb between them, wait till I get the main site up with all the pics and such including the videos then I will see some bandwidth usage a plenty.

    Remember the previous host gave me a 50Gb per day bandwidth limit and it was still being exceeded with the vids, in fact the vids on the old server are still taking between 15-25Gb a day !! lol

    I am thinking of splitting the videos between 2 hosts and will definitely have a script tracking the traffic and downloads to keep me right.
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    Should be good when the main site is up and running, with some cool vids



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