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    Cool Talented twitch streamer lara6683 plays many a theme on her Piano (good to listen to)

    A video has appeared online that is spreading all over because of the talent that is shown by this woman in being able to play on-the-fly requests from people in the chat. Twitch streamer lara6683 was known for this stuff by her contingent of loyal followers before this epic display, but understandably she has massively grown in popularity when this happened live and also with the reaction to it afterwards.

    Taking requests for all manners of themes apart from classical (though she delves in at times), she quite beautifully transitions from one to the other seamlessly, making for an exceptional treat for the ears.

    I listened to the whole thing while doing my work and it truly should not be missed.

    I know it's a keyboard and not a piano but it's set to piano mode for the majority
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