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    Default 10-year-old boy leads Police on a 100 MPH chase for SECOND TIME in a month!

    This 10-year-old kid took playing Grand Theft Auto to a new level by leading police on a real chase at speeds of up to and including 100 MPH. Not only that, this is the second time in a month the little man has done it.
    Authorities say the boy took the car from his Cleveland home Thursday and led police on a high-speed interstate pursuit that continued with state troopers chasing him on the Ohio Turnpike. The pursuit ended when a trooper nudged the boy's car into a sign on a grassy berm and prevented him from returning to the roadway.
    I'm a bit mental.

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    If that happened here the car would be impounded, regardless of who it belongs to.

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    There was a teenager here who did something similar, sadly the second time ended up with him wrapping the car around a tree and losing his life.


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    This opens so much room to talk about how games can mess up the minds of kids and people work on some kind of censorship or banishment of games... when in my humble opinion, that's just bad parenting.

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    Occupants were a lot older, but there was a GTA-style chase in Birmingham earlier in the year. They drove a stolen Audi RS6 and rammed a few police cars with it and still got away temporarily. Audi ended up on its roof eventually. If you search YouTube for "Audi RS6 chase Birmingham" you should find it quite easily. I would link it, but not sure if it has a couple of swear words in it - I know I'd be swearing going over the speed-bumps like they do in the video, let alone being rammed.

    Seems to be a bit of an issue around the UK at the moment where criminals seem to target and steal fast 4WD German cars (Golf R, Audi S3/RS3, etc.) so they can steal from homes/banks and then the group can make a quick getaway all in one car with little hope of the plod keeping up in their 2.0 diesels.


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