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    Default Thinking about getting a wheel

    So recently I felt like getting a wheel and i just wanted to ask you guys what do you guys think, Im mostly deciding between these two:

    Logitech G29

    Or Thrustmaster T300RS GT Edition

    As of now Im more steering towards the Thrustmaster, mostly because you can combine it with different modules, plus changeable rim.

    But Im open for suggestions if you want to suggest other choices I'll check them out for sure, and if you had experience with any of these two, Id like to know your opinios on how they feel, thanks in advance!

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    If money isn't an issue then the Thrustmaster does seem to be the better option from impressions that you can find around the web. Be good to hear from those who have used and use them though.
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    Well theyre both priced quite closely, and money isnt really an issue i was thinking about a Fanatec even, but theyre not available in Poland as far as ive looked :/

    But then again I'm no sim pro so, dont think I need that expensive wheel for now.

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    Yeah from what I have heard the T300RS is a better wheel than the Logitech products.


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    go with thrustmaster, much better ffb engine overall, also g29 is literally the same as g27, it has aged a lot.

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    Yeah thats what I thuoght as well, probably gonna order today along with wheel stand pro. Thanks for the feedback guys!


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