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    One thing i don't like is the selection of cars in classes, like the Imprezas and Evo X being sport compacts and the other evos being Showroom rally.
    Who in T10 decided that, were they so drunk of absinth that decided that was a good idea.

    Or the Infinity being on Early Sport Luxury going against M5's and Audi S4s, Or the utes being in Sport Touring and for last the 8C Competizione being in the Supercars Renaissance against Enzo's, MC12s, S7's, and the 8C in my idea wasn't a supercar more like a GT

    Regarding bugs only found 2, the clio Williams doesn't have a shifting animation and the Z3M dash tach is 1k rpm ahead of the game hud

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    Wouldn't say It's worse than 6 but It seems way less polished. The most annoying to me are the sounds. Some are worse than 6 and shared across multiple cars. (I don't know if it was talked about here, many soundfiles are shared across quite a few cars and those cars had their unique sounds in FH3 and FM6...) It's because while most bugs will get fixed over time via. updates the sounds may just stay as they are (maybe they would fix few cars but there are quite a few to fix...)

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    I've read that about the sounds not being up to par compared to previous games. Really surprised me to hear that as Forza has always been renowned for that aspect. Not insofar as every car sounding authentic, but the majority of them for sure.
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    Sounds take up a surprising amount of processing power, perhaps they re-budgeted some of the processor to other priorities (dynamic weather)?

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