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    Default Need some help-Stuttering 8800's

    Hi all,

    Tried to search for a definitive answer to this, and can't seem to find a current one:

    Seems to be a known issue, but is there a way to fix the stuttering associated with 8800 Series cards?

    Frame rates are great at 60+ most of the time, but I do get the occasional stutter, usually when you need to turn or something.

    Still waiting to hear back from those at the official forum, but just thought I might have missed something...

    Rest of the rig is as follows:

    EVGA 780i
    4 GB Mushkin Redline 8500
    Vista 64/XP PRO 32-running TDU on XP
    2x EVGA 8800 GTS G92 in SLI

    Any and all help is appreciated, I'd love to keep this one off the shelf.




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