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    Unhappy Sorry for the 'considered going Premium' message displaying to those it should not have been.

    A few days ago we implemented a notice to display to members who matched a specified criteria informing them about the Premium membership we have available. Through my own testing and checking I was sure it was good to go live on here, however I was alerted to the fact it was showing to those it shouldn't be and so I went and fixed that issue and thought that was it.

    But it wasn't, as when I checked through some of the server logs earlier today, I was surprised to see certain users following the link that is in it, and that should not have been happening. And so more testing was needed, and it turns out that what is written about how to go about controlling the display of the notices is missing some required information.

    Now anyone who does get it, should be... I hope!

    And so I am sorry if you were already being a real gem by having Premium , or to the new members who had only just joined and were being told you must 'enjoy it here' and thinking 'what the hell?!' . That's not how it was meant to go.

    I'm a bit mental.

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    It's ok Diablo. We still luv u.


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