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    Pulling out Toyota means pulling out Lexus, like stated before. Too bad, an LC500 would be really cool. I'm not the one who's gonna miss Toyota, but Lexus is quite a loss IMO.

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    I was gonna say that it doesnt necessarily means no Lexus, I mean there were no VWs in FH1 but that didn't exclude Lambo, Audi and Bugatti all of which are part of VW.

    But since theres been no sign of Lexus, I guess theyre out, Im gonna miss that howling V10 from the LFA

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    Oh well, at least we have the carrera.

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    Yeah at least, well im only gonna miss that one car so not that much of a deal for Me

    I cant wait to try the game tomorrow, if its good then im mostly liekly waiting for bundle with Xbox One X and getting that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grandstand »
    I just don't see how this can be of any real benefit to them.
    Toyota Expansion for €20 early next year featuring your favorite Toyota's like Supra, GT86, and Lexus LFA, RCF etc which certainly have never been in a Forza game before.

    FH3 on Xbox. Xbox username is PoIestar, with a capital "i" as "L". Wanna add me, you're welcome to do so.

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