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    Default Richard Hammond talks about his Rimac crash in Switzerland - [Up: BACK ON THE ROAD!]

    DRIVETRIBE have put up an interview of Hamster and the CEO of Rimac where they discuss and show aspects and evidence from the crash in Switzerland. It's quite unbelievable how he avoided that house!

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    He's back on the road. Sharing the moment on DRIVETRIBE from when he took one of his cars (can you guess which one?) back out and felt great doing so. Thanking the doctors and such for making him able to do so again.

    Hamster has been through some stuff, hopefully there's no more in his future.
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    I correctly guessed which car he'd be driving, but it wasn't really that difficult was it haha

    I'm surprised by what he said in the video, about it feeling like the biggest moment since he first got the keys to a car at 17, I thought getting the keys back after the dragster crash would have been a bigger deal. Maybe it was much more scary and emotionally scarring to get behind the wheel last time, so this time it felt more exciting and he was happier which kind of makes sense.

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